About ensuring the access – control system

Department of Education ICCE Astana 2018-2019yy.



Compliance with the requirements of this Regulation is mandatory for all employees, permanently or temporarily working at school, students and their parents, all corporations and individuals being on the school's territory. The access – control system at the school provides a complex of special measures aimed at maintaining order of the school’s activities and determines the procedure for admission of students and school employees and citizens to the administrative building. Responsibility for compliance with the requirements of access control by students assigned to class teachers and teachers on duty.

Employees who are on duty at the checkpoint of the School (security officers) guided by these Regulations.

The employee shall inform the school about all cases (facts) of violations of access control and fire safety regulations about persons and school children who violate access control or fire safety regulations in order to take the necessary measures.



2.1.  Students and ICCE staff also the visitors pass through the central and additional entrances.

2.2.  Opening / closing the doors of the central and additional entrances carried out by the guard or the security officer of the ICCE at a specified time.

2.3.  Beginning of school at 9:00. Pupils on duty class allowed into the school building at 8 hours 30 minutes, other students - at 8 hours 35 minutes. Students must arrive at the school no later than 8 hours and 50 minutes.

2.4.  In some cases, by order of the director, classes may begin from the second (and further) lesson (in all cases, students must come to school no later than 10 minutes before the start of classes).

2.5.  In the case of a delay without good reason, students allowed to enter the school with the permission of the administrator on duty or the class teacher.

2.6.  Students allowed leaving school before the end of classes only based on the personal permission from the teacher, doctor or administration representative, or based on a written application from parents and other legal representatives of the child.

2.6  Entrance students from elementary school to physical education, choreography, labor, Kazakh, English, computer science, walks and excursions, as well as to the canteen carried out only accompanied by a teacher or tutor.

2.7.  Members of clubs, sections and other groups for extracurricular activities allowed to attend school according to the schedule of classes and accompanied by a teacher or coach.

2.8.  The passage of students to school for additional classes after lessons and on Saturdays is possible according to the schedule provided by the teacher to the guard on duty.

2.9. During the holidays, students admitted to the school according to the plan of activities with students on holidays, approved by the school director.

2.10. In case of violation of discipline or rules of conduct, students can be bring to the duty teacher, class teacher, school administration.

2.11. The Director of the ICCE, his deputies, and the secretary may pass and stay on the school’s premises at any time of the day, as well as on weekends and holidays, if this is not limited to the current orders of the person in charge of access control.

2.12.  Teachers advised to arrive at school no later than 8 hours and 40 minutes

2.13.  In some cases, in accordance with the schedule approved by the school director, the lessons of a particular teacher may not begin with the first lesson (in all cases, the teacher must come to the school no later than 15 minutes before the start of his first lesson).

2.14.  Teachers, members of the administration obliged to notify the duty manager in advance about the time of scheduled meetings with individual parents, as well as about the time and place of parent meetings.

2.15. Another school employees come to the school in accordance with the work schedule approved by the director.



3.1.  Parents can be admit to the school upon presentation of identity document.

3.2.  Parents meet with teachers after school or in case of emergency during break.

3.3. For a meeting with teachers, or the school administration, parents tell the person responsible for the admission to the institution of unauthorized persons the surname, name, patronymic of the teacher or administrator to which they are sent, the surname, name of their child, the class in which he is studying. The person responsible for the admission to the institution of unauthorized persons shall make an entry in the "Visitors Log".

3.4. Parents not allowed going to school with large bags. Bags must be left to a duty officer and allowed the duty officer to inspect them.

3.5. Passing to the school of parents on personal matters to the school administration is possible by prior arrangement with the administration itself, about which the duty officer should be inform in advance.

3.6.  In the case of not scheduled arrival of parents to the school, the duty officer clarifies the purpose of their arrival and misses the school only with the permission of the administration.

3.7.  Parents who come to meet their children at the end of the lesson are waiting for them on the street or at the post of the duty officer in the hall. For parents of first-graders in the first half of the school year, an adaptive access control regime is established, which is negotiated separately by class teachers at parental meetings according to the order of the director.



Persons who not relate to the educational process and attend college on a business basis skipped upon presentation of an identity document, as agreed with the school director, with an entry in the Visitors Log.

4.2. Officials arriving at the college with a check skipped upon presentation of an identity document, notifying the school administration and will make in the “Journal of registration of activities to monitor college activities”.

4.3. Groups of persons attending a college to conduct and participate in public events, seminars, conferences, reviews, etc., allowed into the school building upon presentation of an identity document from the lists of visitors certified by the seal and signature of the school principal.

4.4. In case of conflict situations related to the admission of visitors to the school building, the duty teacher acts on the instructions of the school principal or his deputy.


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